I am a dentist and a fiction author. Seven years ago my passion for creativity led me to writing. I started writing in the Romantic Suspense genre. But about four years ago, I pivoted to the Middle Grade Fantasy genre—as a promise to my daughters to write something that I would allow them to read—and I haven’t turned back. I love this genre. I love getting lost in my imagination and creating new worlds. But most of all, I love the opportunities that being an author has given me. I have had the privilege to visit numerous schools for author talks and book fairs. I’ve spoken to the students about being an author and a dentist and the importance of following your passions. The best parts of those days were when students would approach me and share the stories they have written or were in the process of writing. Their excitement and pride made my heart feel so full.


I had already had youth (ages 9-17) involved in the publication of my novel, BAILEX: volume 1. They were my beta readers, advance reviewers and they helped me decide on the cover for the book. But my experiences visiting these schools sparked an idea in me…



To foster the creative drive and imagination of our youth.

Offers programs that teach the art of storytelling to youth in a way that encourages and fosters their imagination and creativity.

The WordSmithers Academy is based on the writing strategies and resources I have developed over the last seven years of writing and publishing books. It is designed specifically for youth, to keep them engaged and promote creativity.





The short story workshop is an 8-week program that teaches kids (ages 9-15) how to go from idea to completed story. It's a great way to keep kids engaged and occupied during this unique camp/activity free summer.

Every Monday a new lesson will be released that includes an assignment to keep them on pace with their story writing. On Fridays I will go LIVE for 30 minutes to answer any questions they have and to offer them guidance with the writing.

They can submit these stories to the 'Stories from Quarantine Anthology Contest' if they wish.

The course runs from July 6 - August 24. 

For more information, click HERE.



FALL 2020.

My "Roller Coaster Method" is a step-by-step approach that goes from idea to finished story. It focuses on story development and structure without overwhelming the kids or hindering their imagination. 

Comprised of:

  • Video modules that the kids can work through at their own pace, roughly 10-30 min per module to keep their attention and to not overwhelm (approximately 20 modules)

  • A companion workbook that will contain resources and worksheets for concepts that will be discussed 




It’s one thing to learn or be taught something. It’s  another thing to go and do it on our own. I want to make sure that the kids have the support they need to make their dream of becoming an author a reality. So, together with the WORKSHOP, each student will receive three months of MEMBERSHIP to the WordSmithers Academy.






  • MEMBERSHIP VAULT: additional resources/lessons that go into more depth on the concepts discussed in the workshop. This will be updated weekly.

  • FORUM: a place where they can ask questions, get feedback, receive guidance from me (1 on 1 & in a group setting)

  • WRITING CLUB: more writing activities and FUN!

Who is this for?

Kids ages 9-14*

Kids who:

  • love to write & use their imagination

  • have already starting writing out their stories

  • haven't yet starting writing out their stories

  • want to write, but don't know what to write about

*Those between the ages of 15-17 are more than welcome to participate.