$89 CAD
(~ $66 USD)
  • 8-week program that teaches kids (ages 9-15) how to go from IDEA to COMPLETED STORY.
  • Based on the writing strategies and resources I have developed over the last seven years of writing and publishing books. It is designed specifically for youth to keep them engaged and promote creativity.
  • They can submit the story they create during this workshop to the 'Stories from Quarantine' contest if they wish.

Every Monday a new lesson will be released that includes an assignment to keep them on pace with their stories. On Fridays I will go LIVE for 30 minutes to answer any questions they have and to offer them guidance with their writing.

Printouts of the lessons and worksheets will be provided, as well as additional resources and templates.

Monday July 6

Getting into an author mindset:

  • Genre, Word count, 1st/3rd person, Tense

  • Concept of 'Sprinting'

  • Review the Writing Template & Planner

  • Introduce the 'Rollercoaster Method'

  • Importance of structure in a story

  • How to come up with an idea

Friday July 10: LIVE (30 min)
Monday July 13

Establishing the FOUNDATION of your story

  • Validating your idea - "What If?" question

  • Different ways to tell a story

  • Defining the Foundation of the story

Friday July 17: LIVE (30 min)
Monday July 20

The Story Brainstorm

  • Getting into the specifics of your story

  • How to use simple questions to flesh out your story

Friday July 24: LIVE (30 min)
Monday July 27


  • Protagonists vs Antagonists vs Villains

  • Getting into the mind of your main character

  • The character ARC

  • How to use the Character Cards

  • Identifying your THEME

Friday July 31: LIVE (30 min)
Monday August 3

The Creative Dump

  • 'Big Picture' mode

  • How to combine the Story Brainstorm, Characters & Theme into a rough outline for your story

  • Identifying the Turning Points of the story

  • 'Sprinting' in action

Friday August 7: LIVE (30 min)
Monday August 10

Let's get writing

  • Show Don't Tell concept

  • The Writing Cycle: Write, Revise, Repeat

  • Where to start your story: capturing the reader's attention

  • Writing effective scenes

  • Importance of Beta Readers (Fresh Eyes)

  • Grammar for Authors

Friday August 14: LIVE (30 min)
August 17, 19, 24:

Live sessions to answer questions and offer guidance. In addition, the students are encouraged to share their work, provide feedback for others and ask any questions they have in our private discussion group. 

$89 CAD
(~ $66 USD)