Your First Draft is a Treasure...Not a Piece of 💩!

image of a torn piece of paper that says your first draft is a treasure
Your First Draft is a TREASURE

I've been running a Young Author Workshop the past few weeks and a student asked a question yesterday, that really got me thinking...

"How many drafts did you do before the finished product? Did you ever start the entire thing again?"

My answer: "I lost track of the number of drafts...You do as many as you need." AND "Oh ya, I've scrapped and rewritten many times...scenes, chapters...gone back to better develop characters..."

And ALL OF IT, is the beauty of the creative process.

Every step counts, every step is as important as the one before, and the one that comes after it.

Many people think that the first draft is always crap...

Don't look at it that way.

That first draft is the foundation of your completed masterpiece. It is your RAW creativity. It is something that should be cherished.

When you see things for what they are, not what you want them to be or become, you find true beauty.

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