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This program breaks down the art of storytelling into a step-by-step process, walking you through how to outline, draft, edit and even self-publish your very own stories & novels. 

We will focus on:

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  • Introduction

  • Tools needed 

  • Discovering your WHY

  • Word count

  • Genres

  • Setting up your writing space

  • Ways to boost your creativity

  • Sprinting

  • The "creative dump"

  • Dealing with writer's block

  • How to learn from reading books you love/hate

  • Idea generation & validation

  • Story brainstorm

  • Identifying a theme

  • Developing characters the reader cares about

  • Building your story on a solid foundation (the WHAT IF question)

  • "Roller Coaster Method"

  • Proper pacing

  • The important turning points

  • Increasing the stakes

  • Show vs. Tell (taking your reader along for the ride)

  • Writing effective scenes

  • Make the reader invested from page 1

  • Writing cycle

  • Revision vs editing

  • Grammar for authors

  • Revision checklists

  • Importance of beta readers & what to ask them

  • Pacing at the sentence level

Founding Members

As a Founding Member you will help co-create, by offering feedback and ideas for improvement. As well as letting me know of any additional topics you would like covered or additional resources you would find helpful.

As a thank you for your contribution you will receive Founding Member Pricing for the program. In addition, you will also receive the SHORT STORY CHALLENGE WORKSHOP or the SELF-PUBLISHING WORKSHOP for FREE.


Includes 3 months membership to the WordSmithers Academy

$149 CAD
(~$108 USD)

Price after initial 3 months.

Can cancel at any time.

$7 CAD/month
(~$5 USD)
*Founding Member Offer Ends June 12. Access begins June 15.