How to make sure you have written a captivating and exciting story that the reader won't want to put down.

For me, and many authors, the editing process if often dreaded—rewrites, numerous drafts, and what seems like endless grammar rules. So over the years I have developed a writing model that has reduced the number of drafts I need to write, while also strengthening my prose. I have adapted this writing model for youth and teach it to my students in the WordSmithers Academy Workshops. 

But then I got to thinking...What about all the other stories? The ones they wrote before they adopted the Rollercoaster Model. This is where The Self-Edit Solution was born. I've taken the essential parts of the Rollercoaster Model and reverse engineered them into an effective editing process. 

At WordSmithers Academy we are dedicated to helping young writers become authors. So we have decided to make The Self-Edit Solution available to all youth. To help them make all the stories they have written the best can be.

We turned The Self-Edit Solution into a mini-workshop:

  • 47 minutes of video instruction

  • 17-page companion workbook that includes:

    • an editing checklist

    • the WordSmithers Academy 'Grammar for Authors' PDF

    • 'Checklist for Writing Great Essays' PDF from Scott at SlamDunk Communicating that has a section on how to write clear, error free sentences as well as tips to help you with your essay writing for school.


All of this for only $14.99 CAD