This is where we get to put our imagination  into overdrive!

Not all stories take place in "made up worlds". Even if the story you are writing takes place in a world very much like our own, it is still important to outline the parts of the world that impact your main character—but that is a lesson for a different time.


As I mentioned, the purpose of these exercises is to use our imagination. So let's do that!  


Remember...just like the world we live in, every world needs rules and a way for everyone/everything that live there to exist together. Every world will also look a certain way, use specific languages, have varying climates...I think you see where I'm going with this.

1. You are an astronaut that discovers a new planet...No people live on the planet, but there are animals that live on it. You want people from Earth to come and live on this new planet. Create a flier that will be sent to every household on Earth to try and convince people to move to your new planet. You can include the following information on your flier: What is the name of the planet? Who is the leader of the planet, and what does the government system look like? What are the laws of the planet? What does the planet look like? Why would someone want to move to the planet? Be creative...

2. You discovered how to time travel, and you set the time travelling machine to the year 2120. Describe your experience in the time travelling machine and then what the world looks like when you leave the machine and walk into the year 2120. How is the world different from how it is today? Think about how it looks, the technology, how people behave...