"Sparks" are everywhere. You just have to open your imagination to them.

"Sparks" are those little things that ideas come from—the seed. When you learn to engage your imagination you will find these sparks in so many places.

Below are some writing prompts to help you engage your imagination and get your creative juices flowing.

1. Put yourself into your favourite story.
2. Write a different ending to a movie you have seen, or a book you have read recently.
3. Write a story from the perspective (through the eyes) of an animal.
4. Write a story (a new adventure) with your favourite character from TV, movie or a book.
*This is called FAN FICTION.
5. What if you woke up one day and discovered you had superpowers...What would the superpower be? How did you find out you had it? Write about how that day happened.
6. What is an everyday "problem" that you have? Maybe it's having to make your lunch for school, or keeping your room tidy... Most great inventions come from the need to solve a problem. So decide what problem you want to solve and then create something to solve it. First, describe the problem in detail and how it affects your life. Then explain how a solution to this problem would benefit your life. Finally, describe in detail how this invention will work and what it looks like.