Farewell 2020 Holiday Vacation Writing C
December 21-31, 2020
Keep your kids (ages 10-17) busy & engaged this winter vacation.
The biggest mistake people make when it comes to writing a story, is starting to write it before it is ready to be written. Doing this will often lead to many rewrites or story abandonment all together.
This writing challenge will give your child the tools that are needed to craft an exciting, captivating story that the reader won't want to put down. Your child will be walked through HOW to set up his/her story for success. Because when everything is set up right, all that is left to do is let the imagination take over and enjoy the writing process.

My name is, Erin. I have been studying the craft of writing over the last eight years. With all that I have learned over the years, and through my personal experiences of writing and publishing my own books, I have developed a step-by-step storytelling method that I call the Roller Coaster Model. It is a visual representation of what a successful story should look like. It was created specifically for youth, to keep them engaged and promote creativity. Click HERE to learn more about me and my story.

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This writing challenge starts with the Writing Basics Workshop. Where the students will learn all the tools needed to create a successful story. Access to the workshop will become available on December 21, 2020

Click the image for more information on this workshop.

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The 5 Day Story Framework Challenge will walk the students through HOW to set up the framework for their stories. A well designed framework is what will help them write captivating stories that stay with the reader long after they finish reading. From December 27, 2020 through December 31, they will receive daily step-by-step instructions to an inbox of your choosing, that will guide them in building a story framework for their story. Once the story framework is completed, the students are ready to get lost in the words and let their imagination really take over.

Included in this challenge is a CHECK-IN with Erin to review the story framework and offer feedback.

NEXT...it's time to build that framework.



Bonus Offer

Register before DECEMBER 15, 2020 and get The Self-Edit solution for FREE
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$68 CDN

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This writing workshop was really helpful for my story writing. I was guided through all the different aspects of story writing, covering planning, grammar, how to hook a reader, making sure my story was interesting, and more. There were videos, written advice, clear guidelines, zoom meetings, and email contact for my questions. This workshop was very informative, and it was fun to write my story. I recommend this workshop!         

                                                          lila, age 11

I always enjoyed writing but with Erin’s workshop I learned how to write like a real author! I looked forward to the lessons every week and I love how Erin gave me extra help when I needed it. 

                                               Abby, age 10

"I would like to thank the wonderful Erin for her excellent feedback and gentle guidance throughout the editing process, and for helping me to weave the words onto the pages in the best way possible." 

                                                                         Fathima, age 12,   

                                           author of "Love Thy Roots"

WordSmithers Academy was a phenomenal experience for my 14 year old son. Erin boosted his confidence in writing, while giving him many tips that he easily used to improve his story. This class absolutely increased his writing skills, and increased his desire to write! Looking forward to the next class!


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