This program offers exercises and activities for you to practice and polish your creative writing skills. Everything is divided into four categories. Each category is designed to help bring all that amazing creativity inside of you to life.

       But, GUESS WHAT? SHHHH, I have a secret...

   Creative writing isn't only about writing stories. It's about using your imagination. An active, vivid imagination will take you very far in life. Elon Musk's imagination gave us Tesla and SpaceX that is bringing people to the moon; Steve Job's imagination gave us Apple... So even if "being an author" isn't on your goal list, learning how to use your imagination can take you to exciting places.

Not only will this program help you to improve your creative writing for school, the exercises and activities will also teach you how using your imagination will help you achieve your goals. When you can clearly "see" a goal, describe it in detail, and think of what it will feel like to achieve it, your path to achieving that goal will be laid out in front of you. The more you use your imagination, the better it will be able to guide you.


Come engage your imagination, and you will see that the possibilities are endless...


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Imagination is the pathway to possibilities.
Add in hard work  and determination and you will be unstoppable.